We bring privacy and portability to inaccessible health care documents

Give patients access to their needed documents securely and verifiably 👇

Credessi is the first Healthcare Partner bringing portability and versatility to patient documents

We combine top of the line encryption with user friendly presentation

HIPAA Compliant


White Label

How our clients use Credessi to create secure and portable documents

Explore some of our endless use cases for tamper-proof documents

1. Vaccination Records

Verify vaccination status of an individual without compromising any other health data.

2. STBII Results

Enable patients to securely share results with relevant parties, digitally and physically.

3. Prescriptions

Produce tamper & fraud proof physical prescriptions with the click of a button.

How do we keep your documents safe?

Credessi ensures data safety as its top priority

1. Decentralization

Credessi is serverless. Documents are local and represent the sole existing copy outside of your official health records.

2. Encryption

Using cutting-edge encryption, documents are tamper-proof and can’t be altered or reproduced.

3. Compliance

Credessi adheres to all international compliance laws including HIPAA and GDPR.